We believe that after watching Naajayaz, everyone would appreciate it. Probably no filmmaker knows the exact formula of a film’s success. The career of any actor gets evolved by having all kind of experiences and the same thing happened with Ajay Devgan too. 1995 was neither good nor bad for Ajay. He appeared in four movies that year out of which two did well and two did below average on box office. One of those two films that somehow disappointed producers were Naajayaz that couldn’t gain success despite having amazing songs and talented star cast. However, Ajay was nominated for the Filmfare award due to his noticeable work in the movie.

Mahesh Bhatt has directed less number of movies in his long career but has always been appreciated by film critics because of his innovative thoughts. Though Naajayaz couldn’t do as good as people were expecting from it but even today if anyone watches this film, would try not to miss any scene for sure.

Ajay has played the character of a fearless police officer Jai in Naajayaz who wants to demolish the criminal empire of Raj Solanki. Raj Solanki is a gangster but wants to keep his son Deepak (Deepak Tijori) away from the underworld. The story takes a new turn when he discovers that Jai is his own son and finds himself in a Dilemma. Jai also comes to know about his relation with Raj but gives priority to his duty. David (Gulshan Grover) is the actual villain in the film who wants to take over the whole business and start multiple unethical activities.

In Naajayaz, Ajay Devgan worked with Juhi Chawla who was a star in the decade of 90s. The film was directed by Mahesh Bhatt and maybe that’s why the expectations of viewers were high. Though all actors are Naseeruddin Shah, Reema Lagoo, Gulshan Grover or Deepak Tijori, performed well but maybe fans of Ajay wanted to see Raveena Tondon or Karishma Kapoor against him and not Juhi Chawla. Whatever be the reason, today when people watch Naajayaz on TV or the internet, they enjoy each scene of it. A song of the movie ‘Barsaat Ke Mausam Mein’ sounds pleasurable and has deep meaning. You can watch Naajayaz (full movie) from here and cross check everything.