Ajay Devgan son, Yug was born on 13th September 2010. Currently, Yug is 6 years old but people have already started seeing him as a future star. The reason is his cute looks and friendly nature that develops affection in everyone’s heart for him. Yug is a small kid as of now but his craze for latest gadgets is well known. We have come to know that he is sharp in studies and enjoys the public attention.

Yug Devgan has an elder sister Nysa who was the first child of Ajay and Kajol. Nysa was born in 2003 so there is sufficient age difference between brother and sister. We never heard about any fight between both of them. In fact, Yug feels highly comfortable with his sister, especially in outdoor trips. Yug is the youngest member of Devgan family and his grandparents Veeru and Veena Devgan are highly attached to him.

News about Yug came in media for the first time when his umbilical cord and tissues were chosen to preserve so that in future he could stay harmless from serious diseases. Fortunately, Yug never faced any such challenge and his latest pictures also show that he is fit and healthy.

We also came to know that Yug is very moody and sensitive. He has a friendly nature but doesn’t like senseless talks at all. After watching his horoscope, our astrologers told us that this guy will gain so much success and respect in his life. He might start as Ajay Devgan son but later people will recognize Ajay Devgn and Kajol because of him.