Today we are going to inform our viewers about Dilwale. This film of Ajay Devgan has released approximately 23 years ago but songs and dialogs of it can still be heard on the radio, private buses and other vehicles of north India. This film helped Ajay to prove himself as a versatile actor in the Hindi film industry.  He played a role of an insane lover in the film that touched hearts of millions of viewers.

Dilwale was a complete package of entertainment and each and every factor, be it songs, a performance of co-actors etc. was perfect. Ajay Devgan was lucky enough to have the support of those talented artists who used to enjoy making a movie and maybe that’s why till now viewers enjoy watching them.

Ajay’s acting skills were shown properly for the first time through this movie and he simply blocked out others with his excellent performance. Though, we cannot deny the fact that Sunil Shetty also worked exceptionally well in Dilwale and did full justice to his role of an honest police officer who sacrifices his love for his friend’s happiness.  Infect, Sunil was nominated for the best actor in supporting role that year too. Apart from these two, another big attraction of the movie was gorgeous Raveena Tandon who became extremely popular among youth after this movie.

A storyline of Dilwale is based on a mental patient Arun Saxena (Ajay Devgan) who is accused of a murder and behaves differently from other patients of the Mental Asylum. Vikram Singh (Sunil Shetty), a brave police officer handles his case. Vikram meets Arun’s mother and comes to know about his tragedy. He decides to prove Arun’s innocence and punish the actual wrongdoer Mama Thakur (Paresh Rawal).

There were many factors behind the success of Dilwale but we believe that the real credit must go to the story and direction. The script of Dilwale was written by brilliant writer and director Karan Razdan who made it so interesting and well paced. The film was directed by Harry Baweja who later gave numerous hits with Ajay Devgan like Diljale, Deewane, and Qayamat: City under threat. Music was composed by Nadeem-Shravan and one song of the movie ‘Ek aisi wo ladki hai’ is still very much popular. Overall, Dilwale was a complete package of action, drama, romance and thrill.

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