Ajay Devgan daughter appears in many events with her parents. Especially when she was spotted at London Indian Film Festival with her father last year, everyone paid attention to her. She looks like Kajol of 1990s and ears glasses like her mother. Nysa has a cute face and friendly nature which simply reminds the jolly nature of Kajol to everyone.

Nysa was born on 20th April 2003 in Mumbai and her name was given by Ajay which means a new beginning. She has a younger brother ‘Yug’ and great harmony can be seen between both of them. Nysa is currently pursuing her studies from Dhiru Bhai International School and as per the information we received, she is an intelligent student. She is said to be more close to her father and informs him about the entire day’s activities every day. Her mother Kajol is very strict and the discipline everyone sees in her life is because of her mother’s efforts.

Ajay Devgan and Kajol got married in the year 1999. Kajol’s film career was at peak but she gave more preference to her personal life on a profession. Ajay Devgan daughter Nysa was born after 4 years of their marriage that’s why she was special for her parents at the time of her birth. Ajay and Kajol never do any sort of partiality and pay proper attention to both kids. Nysa is also very attached with her grandparent’s Veena and Veeru Devgan. She is a sweetheart of her aunt Tanisha and as per Tanuja (mother of Kajol), Nysa keeps her busy.

In childhood, Nysa was quite reserved earlier and used to maintain distance with crowd and media. However, she was open to her family members and maybe they helped her to overcome shyness. Now she walks in events with a confidence which is required also because in future she wants to become a successful director. After having a word for a single time, everyone would agree to this fact that Ajay Devgan daughter Nysa is an ambitious girl who is capable enough to glorify her parent’s name in future.