Today we are going to discuss Suhaag in which Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar had worked together for the first time. This movie was one of the big hits of the year 1994. One thing that we have always noticed while reviewing the movies of the 90s is, that the storyline of each movie was excellent and Suhaag is also not an exception. The film was written by Honey Irani (mother of Joya and Farhan Akhtar) and Tanveer Khan and it doesn’t let the viewer leave his/her seat for even a single minute while watching the movie. Like many other hit movies of Ajay Devgan, the music of Suhaag was composed by famous music director duo Anand-Milind and due to their efforts, almost all songs of the movie were chartbusters of 1994.

In Suhaag, Karishma Kapoor was signed against Ajay Devgan and the pair looked so beautiful on big screen. According to our sources, Ajay and Karishma were in a relationship at that time which also encouraged their fans to see them together. The budget of Suhaag was somewhere around 3 crores (30 million) and the film managed to earn approximately 12 crore which was a big amount and great margin at that time. A song in the film ‘Tere Liye Janam’ in which Ajay and Karishma look together was the chartbuster of that year. In the movie, Ajay has played the character of a shy person who initially tries to stay away from the heroine. The character of Ajay represents many youngsters who come from a normal family background and usually hesitate to express their feelings in front of someone they love. However, when they watch their favorite actors doing the same in the movie, they get very excited and feel encouraged as well.

One thing that impressed us the most is the issue of organ harvesting which was raised in Suhaag. In the early stage, the film looks like any other movie but later it gets transformed into a spectacular suspension thriller. Both Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan gave their best in terms of performance and the other actors like Dilip Tahil, Romesh Sharma, and Suresh Oberoi have done full justice to their roles. Both actresses Nagma and Karishma Kapoor have also looked gorgeous in the movie. Akshay Kumar makes every viewer laugh by his excellent comic timing too. The film was directed by Kuku Kohli and we must say, he managed to keep the audience engaged throughout the film effortlessly. Fans of Ajay Devgan can still watch Suhaag online and go back to the era of the 90s, at least for 162 minutes.